Two Writers

Two Writers is an initiative from, initially started as an SEO company in 2012

Due to their great success and huge content needs they’ve been working with hundreds of writers on a regular base.

Knowing better than no other how to distinguish a quality writer from a poor writer.

This new site will bring two groups together:

  • Content writers
  • People in need of content

The site will turn into a responsive site where people can place orders online that can be processed  at the availability of the writers though never longer then 2 business days.

They will also run several promotions with several free give a ways.

Their other project that’s under development is an advanced keyword research tool, they expect to launch this tool at the start of the year as well with a free trial for the 1st month.

All together their aim is to make it as easy as possible for starting affiliate marketeers. That’s their prime goal, with each order they offer a free and up to date guide how to make a killing with your (new) hobby.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!